I generally try to stay out of politics. That being said I looked into the ┬áDACA for a little bit and found from what I can understand, a program that was made for kids that entered the country illegally. Basically Obama was saying ” here these are just kids and they had no say in where their parents took them so lets give them a chance to be model citizens” This allowed the kids to escape deportation by 2 years where they could go to school, work, and even get things like a drivers license all legally. They were also able to renew this 2 year agreement. Now it seams like it was working with almost 800 thousand people in the program but Trump doesn’t like the program. I’m assuming he is seeing it as a way to reward people for illegally coming here and being the personality Trump is I dont see him happy with that. When it comes to me though I really dont have an opinion on if its a good or bad program or if its good or bad that Trump is removing it. All I know is that he was voted president by our majority so I now have to adapt to the choices he makes. Given with the removal of this program affecting mostly south western states I don’t think it will affect me. I will teach the students in my classroom and if this program is removed and no replacement is put into effect then I simply wont have any of these kids in my classroom. I know that is a very egocentric way of thinking but there is not much I can do about who is and is not going to be allowed in my classroom, I can only teach who is present.



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