What a DACA?

I was unable to pull up the article that was posted for the class, it was pulled from the site or it’s address changed. However I did find out what DACA is (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). I wasn’t really sure how to formulate an opinion on this. The teacher in me is frightened either way because it’s something that needs to be handled. I guess I move on from should we allow this as a country to, these kids are here and they need our help. So what can I do? I guess the call for me is how can I best incorporate ELL students in my classroom. I know we’re up in Alaska where I believe it is less of a press, but on our nation as a whole it’s significant from any stand point not just as an education.

From further reading I now see that Trump has repealed DACA, so I guess these kids are just out of luck and being deported then. Or were they grandfathered in and those who came here during Obama’s administration are now safe, or hopefully received citizenship?

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