ranting about DACA

324,983,653 million people here in the USA as of right now.

As I’m writing this response the number for our population keeps increasing. Because yes, people have babies and people move here. Some of us move to other countries too, so our population fluctuates.

People cross borders. People make new borders. Some borders are made of tape, some of threats, some were made aforeveramount of time ago. These borders have been recorded on maps and in books. We tell stories about them, we shift the edges of them through deals and through swindling. Laws have been made since the beginning of time and changed again to suit the people who think they are most entitled to the land the borders contain. Who said it was theirs to begin with?

Borders are a type of construct-humans have created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like time, gods, love, magic and all sorts of other stuff. It is fascinating and frustrating all these laws we make. Some laws are for the safety of society, I get it, I do, I want to be safe. I want to enjoy the act of living. Societies can be safe places. But, societies don’t always stay safe. There are people who act out in obscenely inappropriate ways. These individuals are not usually acting for the common good of the society. Systems are set up to keep misbehaving people in line or away from the majority of our societies. Some people are killed for wrong doings. Some people are imprisoned for their whole entire life and they actually were not, I repeat not the perpetrator of the crime they were accused of. People live in fear of others acting out against them and their families, or taking something from them.

The DREAMers have to have clean criminal records. These 800,000 DACA recipients have to be enrolled in high school or college, or serve in the military. Their status is renewable every two years. I mean- come on, these are respectable, functioning members of society. There was some thought put into DACA, like how to protect these people. These law-abiding people. Now someone with a huge #$@&%*!  mouth has to try desperately save face with what he was bashing during his campaign and crash it all down. Uh, no.

Natural boundaries I get. Oceans are too huge for me to swim across. I don’t want to cross the Mississippi river, there are ridiculous sink hole type formations that can suck down a human body without a trace. There are mountains, beautiful mountains that I would love to visit but not necessarily move across to relocate my residence. The thing is people have crossed these seemingly unsurpassable natural borders to relocate since the beginning of time, to get to a safer place, or a cleaner place, or a place where the animals are moving to. Let them pass and live your own life. We have laws for behaviors, I just feel laws for territories are crazy. If you can participate in accordance with the law of the society you want to live in, then what is the problem? Oh yeah, resources.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border   just for fun :o>

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