DACA: My opinion and subsequent thoughts.


I read the Huffington Post article on this topic, linked above. I feel that this act should stay in affect. It only sticks onto a dreamer for two years anyway. But I also feel that it is wrong to threaten deportation of children. Especially when a child had no way of knowing they were entering a country illegally, and had no choice in the matter because their parents brought them to the United States. The argument that “immigrants are taking our jobs” is a weak one in my opinion. Especially when most immigrants that menial jobs that other Americans don’t want. Without people to take these “lesser” jobs we will have a bit of an influx in open job positions. I believe that someone who has lived in the U.S. since they were a child is in fact a citizen. This country was built by, and for, immigrants, to turn them away now and claim that they are less American than the citizens born here is unfair. A child raised in America is, in my honest opinion, American. This also sends the wrong message to anyone wishing to LEGALLY immigrate to America, turning away children isn’t something we should practice as a country. I know that Congress may think this is the most logical solution, but it will hurt is in the long run. Jobs that were filled will be empty, and there’s no guarantee that those jobs are going to be immediately filled. This will hurt the job market, not boost it. Again, this is all my opinion.