DACA and Immigration

I agree that the dreamers should have a place in the United States, this group of people has shown that they are worthy of being sheltered from their terrible situations in their host countries.  With that said, I agree with Trump that Congress needs to do their  job and make this law.  Our government is not set up to have the executive branch making laws, and the executive order provision has been trampled on for more than a century and is perverting the federalist system that the founders worked so hard to make.

There is a greater need to have a fully implemented immigration  overhaul  done in this country that will allow the people who are chasing the American dream to have a path to citizenship.  At the same time, we need to have some added security to the southern border and a more efficient way to allow people into the country.  Whether that looks like work visa’s or some other form of immigration status, at the same time immigrants that are convicted of a felony level crime need to be deported, this needs to be drafted and passed by Congress.  Congress should make the law the executive branch has veto power, and the supreme court ensures that the laws are not unconstitutional, this is our system of government, and it needs to actually start working again.  The executive branch cannot continue to arbitrarily make laws, or our democracy is nothing more than a facade.