I personally avoid talking any kind of politics because I do not stay completely informed and it is such a touchy subject that often offends many people. Also, I would not want to make any claim without thoroughly researching and learning about the situation, so I did just that. After a bit of research, I learned DACA is a bill designed to help illegal minors avoid deportation for two years while they attend school or work, their temporary admittance to the US can be renewed at the end of their two years. With that in mind I initially think this is a great bill because it has the best interests of immigrants in mind, people that honestly had no other choice to be here. Minors are being brought into the US illegally by their parents, which obviously goes against laws here. But if given a path to become legal, productive, and contributing members of society it is a bill that can benefit our nation. DACA assists people that have been in the U.S. most of their lives and have fairly strict requirements to obtain a spot. By terminating the bill people that could be good citizens are being denied the chance to do just that. I do not agree that getting rid of the bill is the best idea but I do believe that the guidelines need to be followed to the dot and that the member needs to make an honest effort to become a legal citizen during the time they are protected by DACA.


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