Alex Weissberg’s opinion on DACA

Alex Weissberg

DACA is an immigration policy that is designed to protect young illegal immigrants from deportation and allow them to legally work and go to school within the USA. The act has a lot of stipulations. The illegal immigrants must be within certain age groups, have no major criminal offenses, have less than 3 misdemeanors, have lived continuously in the USA for a length of time, and have paid almost 500 dollars to apply for the permit to work. Most of these people have gone to school in the USA and some have even served in the military.

Currently, those who were protected by DACA are under possible threat of deportation because President Donald Trump decided to rescind the policy and put the matter to congress. The main argument behind terminating DACA appears to be that the policy was illegally created in the first place and that they are too many illegal immigrants in the USA.

I don’t really know how much impact illegal immigrants have on our economy. I also don’t understand how the policy was enacted illegally. Without knowing this information, I still feel that I can reasonably say terminating DACA is not going to positively impact anyone. The people covered under DACA are young, law abiding citizens who are here to work. I can’t imagine they are a detriment to our society. As far as taking jobs from other USA citizens, these people are some of the most disadvantaged people in our nation and are probably a last pick for most jobs. I would also venture to say that it seems completely unfair to deport people who have already paid money for the right to work in the USA, even if was only a temporary permit. If there is a legal problem with how this policy was passed, then something legal needs to be done to take care of these people. Kicking the people covered by DADA out of the country is not a practical, or ethical option.

This website describes what it takes to qualify for DACA.