Ah what a tough topic

DACA is an extremely touchy topic. I do feel bad for all those involved, but we have to think about the children. I think its important for children who do not have the opportunities in different countries to come to America and be eligible for the basics such as a driving license, college courses and work permits (because it’s most likely better pay). Those protected under DACA are referred to as “Dreamers.” They are called this because of the “Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) act which offered those who had arrived in America illegally as children a chance to become permanent legal residence. However, Trump has recently gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative solution. Under the new administration of Donald Trump, new applicants regarding DACA will not be accepted. Those in the program will begin to expire in March 2018. Dreamers will then lose all their status by March 2020. As their statuses lapse, they could be deported back to countries that they have not been in for years and some aren’t in familiar with! I am a supporter (to an extent) with stopping immigration into the country but don’t punish those who are doing so well in this country. What will be the benefit for them to be sent back? We need to keep them here and educate them!

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