The American Dream and the DACA

One would say that the american dream should be protected by our government by preserving the rights of the people who want to live in and serve the United States. 800,000 immigrants can keep on dreaming as Trump attempts to rescind the program.

The DACA is an immigration act signed in by president Obama in 2012 and expanded in 2014. The act allowed illegal immigrants avoid deportation for 2 years and give them an opportunity for work permit or citizenship. The DACA helped improve the lives of immigrants and could even be helpful for the US economy.

Trump and the Republican Party claim that these young immigrants take jobs from hardworking Americans and contribute to “lawlessness” in the US.

Personally the repeal of this act makes very little sense. If people want to stay in the US to work and live here they should be allowed to. These immigrants were forced to come here by their parents before they were adults. By no fault of their own they broke the laws of the US. For their entire adult life they have only known the US as home and that makes them Americans in my eyes. They don’t steal jobs, more people grows the economy, more required services for new people means more jobs. I’m not advocating for completely open borders, I’m just saying that they’re here because they had to be, now ethically we are responsible to help them and not to throw them back from where they came.

Many of the negatives pointed out by the Republicans are unsubstantiated. People affected by the DACA show no higher tendency toward crime, it did not impact the amount of illegal minors entering the country, and showed no negative changes on the economy. There seems to be very little negative effect of the act and it seems the only reason it has been rescinded is because Obama did it. I welcome the chance to help people in need and to educate as many people as possible.

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