So you say you’re a dreamer?

Next year nearly 800k people will be forced to leave America if Congress doesn’t act. Try putting yourself in their shoes.   You leave everything you know, everything you’ve ever called home to the unknown.

A lot of these so-called “Dreamers” are really Americans.   If you were a child when your parents found refuge in the United States, and you’ve lived here ever since, I don’t think it matters where you were born.   It matters where you grew up.   You were raised in American culture your whole life.   You’re an American!   And the Trump administration isn’t thinking about one of America’s greatest values: family.

A lot of these “dreamers” have siblings who were born here.   While one child will be forced to leave with their parents, the rest of the children will be able to stay in comfort of their “home country.”   Trump is breaking up families.   I can’t say that Trump and his administration don’t have a close friend who isn’t a dreamer. I am from Nome, Alaska and I have friends who are labeled “dreamers.”   They are hard working American’s just like me.   They have no leg up on job opportunities or secondary education.   We face the same circumstances together.   A lot of my friends who are dreamers, I met them at health care camps.   They are driven to make their families proud by becoming health care professionals.   Keep these kinds of people around!   Don’t kick them out.

At the end of the day people are people, and I don’t understand why Trump is so bothered by the dreamers.   I would be more bothered about North Korea’s hate for Americans than people who are willing to serve their country.   There’s bigger issues to deal with right now.