DACA, is it as bad as they say it is?

In general I tend to agree with most everything dedwar15 posted in their response to the DACA current event.  I think we have immigration laws for good reasons, and as long as we have laws they should be upheld evenly and without prejudice.  If we knowingly allow some laws to be broken, but selectively enforce others, we are in fact being prejudicial.  There are many immigrants in this country who entered the country legally, and that is fantastic.  It seems to me that it sends a fairly poor message to the legal immigrants that we are going to allow others to circumvent the process.

I will forever remain skeptical of the content portrayed by the media, and primarily the mainstream media.  Everyone has an agenda, but they seem to have the largest.  Some of the media sources I have read make the situation sound as though repealing DACA is going to tear apart families, but the reality is that someone in the family is/was here illegally to begin with, and by deporting the illegal individual we aren’t forcing anyone else to stay.  The whole family can go back where they came from if they really want to keep their family together.  This seems to me like something they probably should have considered before immigrating into a foreign country illegally.

What is DACA and what happens if Trump scraps it?

This site helped break down some of the specifics of DACA for me.