Joshua Vann – Hello Everybody!

Hello class,

My name is Joshua Vann, but please, call me Josh. This will be my third year up in Fairbanks, and so far I’ve been having a great time. The first two years were spent primarily up in Reichardt (Natural Science Building) working on my Master’s degree in physics. I must say, compared to the dry style with which those courses were taught, I am extremely excited to be moving over to education. Active learning!

Anyway, I did my undergraduate school down in Denver, learning some things about Math and Chemistry, and grew up in Nashville. Lots of fun times, a few bad times, but one of my core philosophies is that people are not defined by the things that happen to them, rather it is how we react to these hard times.

Anyway, I play music in Fairbanks, I rock climb, ice climb, and like to be outside. I’ve been student teaching at Hutch High school (Math, Chem, and Physics). I’ve been TA’ing Physics labs at the university, though this year I’m taking on Chemistry labs. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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