Late, but Hello

My name is Zach Sanders.  I was born and raised in North Texas, bout an hour north of Dallas.  I made my way to Eagle in 2012, and built a log cabin here in 2014 just a few miles outside of town.  The road is closed between Eagle and the rest of the world from mid October until mid April each year.  This challenge deters many from staying year-round, but it is exactly the type of environment I was looking for.


I have a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State, and am hoping this will give me a great foundation for the math and science skills I will need in teaching.  I am presently discovering how much I have forgotten from high school and college both, as I was recently hired as a temporary teacher.  I teach Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Language to 3rd-5th grade, I teach 6th-8th grade American History, and I co-teach Science to 5th-8th grade.


I anticipate this program will help me to smooth some of the rough edges in my overall approach and teaching delivery.  I look forward to hearing new ideas, and learning more about the tried and true methods that great teachers have been utilizing forever.  I envision this program helping me to become more efficient in some areas where I know I am creating more work for myself than necessary.  With that said, I am glad I did not try to complete this program in one year.  The workload associated with teaching alone has been sizable.  Oh, and I’m the bus driver…


Please feel free to contact me with any questions (not that my late posting is any evidence that I would be much help technologically…).  I may not be immediately available, but I am pretty good at responding eventually.

My log cabin, with sweetheart and her son

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