Hey, team! Well met!

My name is Christopher S. Nelson, and I am working toward my Masters of Education in Secondary Education. I hold a BA of English and my goal is teach high school English in Fairbanks and the surrounding area. EDSC 658 is part of my degree plan and it is like learning a new language: I haven’t been in a classroom in over a decade. I am less than a year from retirement from the Army  and my hobbies are writing, reading, and music. I have  a year and a half experience as an assistant music teacher. It was enough to convince me of where I wanted to use my degree. I am excited to work with everyone, especially as most of you are already in a classroom and have so much experience from which to learn.

I see this program as being a submersive experience and a new world from what I first expected. Revisiting adolescent literature will be a challenge as titles have changed much in the last ten years, but it is something I look forward to exploring. Finally, as the next year progresses toward internship, I  expect to  undergo much change and flexibility in my previous held beliefs and opinions in regards to not only teaching, but the world of the teenager. I am excited to take this journey and am thankful to be able to join a class of such wonderfully talented classmates.


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