I am Robert Bonestroo

I am taking this class along with the student internship, I am mentoring at Randy Smith Middle School under John Boyarsky, we are teaching 8th grade history.  I came to wanting to teach on a whim, I owned a company in Fairbanks since my undergrad from UAF and sold it last September.  I saw an add wanting substitute teachers in the district and I decided I would give it a try.  My first day was the last day of school before Christmas break at North Pole Middle, and it was pretty crazy.  I then picked up a long term sub gig at RSMS and got the bug for teaching.  I live in Fairbanks and have been married for 6 years, I have no kids, but 4 Labradors.

I am working in the internship right now and so far I am impressed with how supportive it has been.  I have felt that the class so far have given me good experience that is relevant to teaching.  I envision that the program will continue to be supportive of the interns. (I am not really sure what you meant by your question?)

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