They call me Royce


Was my camera on?

Hello! I’m Royce England. I’m taking this class because I am going to be a spectacular English teacher. I am driven to take this class because of my family. I am married with a wife and two year old son, and they mean the world to me. I wanted to make them happy by entering a good career where I can find work wherever I go.  I also wanted a job I would love. So thankfully I can complete this course, become a teacher, and make my family and myself proud. I’ve lived in Alaska my entire life, moving from Juneau, to Anchorage, to Wasilla, to North Pole, and now Fairbanks. I’m a regular city slicker.  My educational goal is to attain a masters slowly over time and then decide if I want get a doctorate from there. I’d love to teach creative writing at the college level some day. I’d step into the classroom and feel like I was on cloud nine.  In my spare time I’m clearly a professional photographer, just kidding! I write fantasy/science fiction mostly. I’ve written a small handful of short stories and am working on writing a trilogy. I’d be more than happy to share my writing with anyone interested. I’m also a pretty hardcore League of Legends (computer game) nerd.

It’s hard not to have a fairly finite envisioning of how my education program to be a teacher goes now that I know the way my classes are outlined and how much work I’ll be doing and in what way I see the structure and intention of those classes. How do I expect it to go, well. I already have a good professional relationship with my mentor teacher, and so everything in the classroom has been smooth. Since day one I’ve delivered instruction to students, and been taking notes on my mentors techniques and those of other teachers in the school. This year is going to be a struggle, but a much needed one that I hope leaves me ready for my first year as a paid teacher.

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