Hello everyone, I am Hunter Desmond. I am obviously taking the course as it is required to progress in the program but more so because I have next to no experience managing a classroom, or kids of any sort. I cannot even say I helped my parents take care of my younger siblings as I am an only child. Gaining the knowledge and experience required to be a successful educator is my main goal with this class. I am from Fairbanks, Alaska, born and raised. My plan is to graduate with a double major in Secondary  Education as well as History. Most of my life revolves around sports so I am quite excited for it to be football season with basketball season quickly approaching. My plan as an educator would be to get students excited about History and any other Social Studies subject I may be teaching by providing a unique experience in my classroom that one would not normally expect. How I plan to do this I am not entirely sure but luckily I have a few years of education to further figure that out.