Hello Everyone!

Hi! My name is Diana Marlowe. I live on the Kenai Peninsula with my family. I have four children and have taught piano lessons for the last fourteen years. I love hiking and boating around our beautiful state. I graduated last spring with my B.S. in Natural Sciences with a minor in psychology. I am currently working on my Master’s in secondary education with the two-year post-bac teaching certification. My plan is to start student teaching next fall and do some volunteer and substitute work this year.

I am absolutely passionate about science, especially biology and chemistry. I believe that school days are too long and children spend too much time sitting and listening quietly instead of exploring and thinking and doing practical activities that engage all the senses and keep the brain active. While I understand that lectures and reading and writing are very important aspects of learning, it is the practical application that really leads to true understanding of a subject. When I attended my first lab in college, everything I had been reading and listening to finally made sense. I realized at that moment how important it was that the lecturing and hands-on application go hand-in-hand. My goal as a teacher is to make science exciting for all my students and to encourage them in their scientific (and life) pursuits!

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