Blog 6: Philosophy on a Productive Learning Environment

I want my classroom to be not only a productive learning environment but also a place that students have fun doing science. A productive learning environment takes a number of elements working together to create. These elements range from time management to good planning and from  respect to good behavior, but all of them are tied to increasing student engagement. My philosophy is to balance these elements using classroom management techniques.

When it comes to a productive learning environment I feel that classroom management is paramount. The number one thing that classroom management would provide to a productive classroom is increasing student engagement through carefully planned lessons. This includes the classroom management  ideas of time management, good transitions and well structured activities. Its important to use these elements intertwined into a good lesson plan to increase student engagement. Another thing that good classroom management can do for your classroom is increase student care, behavior and attitude. A classroom that is a safe and positive environment where students know they are safe and cared for is in itself a productive learning environment. Using classroom management to build a positive atmosphere in the classroom with good student teacher relationships is the important piece to this.

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