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1. I didn’t really observe specific strategies for opening and closing the lesson. The classroom was exceptionally well-behaved and didn’t really need to be herded into anything. The transition from work time to the lesson was seemingly very well-established and ingrained into the routine. I did notice that during the lesson the teacher had the students filling in their notes on pre-made sheets made to go along with the lesson on the smartboard. This ensured that the students could follow along easily and the teacher could cover a wider range of material.

2. Again, I didn’t really see any active implementation of “strategy’ – the management of the classroom was largely accomplished by the strong establishment of an existing routine that everyone knew to follow. From the ringing of the bell to study time, study time to lecture time, and lecture time to the end of class, students took to the orderly transitions as a given. Mostly I would just say the teacher managed her time well to be able to cover the material in the time allotted.

3. The closed notes sheets she used seemed really helpful, if a little time consuming to prepare. I don’t typically do a whole lot of lectures, being an art teacher, but I have found that my lectures are a lot more focused when I have something like that for everyone to follow along with.

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