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My personal philosophy in teaching,
As I am focused on history I have a belief that it is important when studying history to not only know about events but to be able to analyze them and be able to understand and explain how things are related. My views on teaching is that I have a responsibility is to keep my classroom a learning environment and one that is both interesting and yet at the same time a challenge. Classroom management is essential as it keeps my class focused and keeps my class organized so that students spend most of their time learning. From what I have seen the most effective teachers have to be flexible and be knowledgeable about their field so that not only they have the information that they are teaching to their students but they can be adaptable with what they know so that they can meet what their individual students want to learn. Also I think a teacher needs to be able keep a cool head and to be able to be an example on how to act. What I have also seen is that teachers not teach academic skills but they also teach life skills.

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