Who you calling pseudo-mature?

I don’t think that I ever had  les burnes (hint, it’s French) to claim pseudomaturity at the age of 12 or 13.

I don’t really have strong memories of those other students in my school.  I was friends with anyone who was nice and interesting to talk

to.  I never liked cliques in school.  They were often hurtful and limiting.

I do work in a middle school now and I see social tendencies that we are quick to assume means something more than it does.

I try to resist my brain’s tendency to classify.  Although it does a wonderful job sometimes it can just be a little overzealous.

Perhaps a greater understanding of the development of the brain at all stages of life would help us sort through the complexities of emotion, impulse and hormones.

It doesn’t seem overtly shocking to me to experience elation and an excess of a joy of life without the consequences of judgement at the age of 13 and an existential crisis at the age of 23.

Let me see, didn’t I read that in a book somewhere?



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