What Happened to the Cool Kids?

Our childhood goes by in a flash.  Experiences in elementary and secondary school are such a small part of who you will become.  Being cool early does not determine your outcome in life.  The study that we read followed only 184 people. A person’s life is a mixture of all kinds of experiences: family life, school life, relationships, job requirements, etc.  Choices in life will determine your outcomes.  How you handle those choices will also determine your path.  The people that you let into your life can impact your experiences.  I really don’t like how students in schools are labeled in any sort of groups.  As teachers we should encourage individuality.  Everyone has something cool about them.  It is not until you grow up and are confident in yourself that you actually realize this though.  As a teenager, I never thought the kids that were breaking the law were cool.  I thought the kids that had similar interests as me were cool.  Looking back at my graduating class, there is a mixture of success.  Who determines exactly what success looks like anyway?  There are those that have never left home, but are content.  There are a few that are in prison, but that is related to life choice not coolness in school issues.  There are several that have passed on from accidents or health issues.  I think we should all just concentrate on living every day to the fullest.  Positivity is contagious.

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