Blog 6 — Philosophy

Living in Kodiak, Alaska for the majority of my life has greatly impacted the way that I look at what and how education should be. Everyone knew each other, and this effect also makes its way into the school. Because of the small town environment, the educators —— and the community —— has a natural investment on the students’ educational careers.

The purpose of (high-school) education is to prepare the students for adulthood. Of course, the path that the students will take depends on the student. However, our role is to guide the students to a path. We provide the foundation of the structure that will allow knowledge. We make them recognize that that structure is for their own use, potential, and strength. Things that they will learn in classroom will become the beams and the substance that will strengthen that structure.

Education is progressive and incremental. Therefore, we must accommodate to the diversity of the students. They learn best in their own and their educators’ interests. In order to them interested, teachers must present different topics and must present them in different ways, especially that there are different types of learning methods. A classroom curriculum, must be open to different approaches and methods to topics. For example, in a classroom of diverse students, I would pick a multi-cultural and multi-genre approach in literature.

I think the ideas that I voiced out —— although fairly skeletal —— do bring out various aspects of classroom management. In order for a good learning environment to exist, teachers must (1) foster a close rapport with the students, (2) acknowledge the academic diversity of the students, (3) make the students recognize their potential, (4) invest and trust in the students. It is important to set the foundation of the classroom being an environment of growth and learning.

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