Blog 6: The Uncool Kids Came Out On Top

The first thing that I thought was pure relation when I read the titles of these two articles. I was one of the ‘nerds’ or ‘band geeks’ in high school and I, while never bullied, was not one of the popular kids though I was part of a large group of friends (band geeks) that were never really the in-crowd. Fittingly, the kids I knew now have masters degrees, high paying jobs, are military officers, and other pillars of society. The jocks, the ‘cool kids’ in high school haven’t even left the county and are stuck in minimum wage jobs or are unwed mothers with no prospects. In a way, it is sweet revenge for all the high school taunts, in another it is sad what happened to the football stars and cheerleaders. Needless to say, I related well to both articles as it was the very message my peers and I tried to explain back in high school that is now being learned permanently and the hard way. It was good to see studies and statistics proving what had before only been my own life experiences and experiences with other people.

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