Blog 5: Observations Reflection

  1. Management Strategies
    1. Beginning of class
      1. I like the use of Bellwork at the beginning of class to get the students started on things. Its usually book-work, practice quizzes or vocabulary that gets the students going on classroom work. I like this  strategy because I have seen students come in like a hurricane of energy, sit down to start Bellwork and the energy dropped right down making them  a lot more manageable.
    2. Midway through class
      1. One thing I have observed my mentor doing is breaking up the class by  getting the students moving through  having handouts in a location that they have to get up from their chairs to grab them during class.
    3. Closing Class
      1. I like the use of short fun videos or videos to recap the concepts  in the lesson as a way to end class. This is a great way to re-engage students at the end of the lesson when they want to leave.
  2. Transition Strategies
    1. One transition I have seen is having the students get up and grab supplies while moving to the next project or assignment. weather that is art supplies of handouts. Its a great way to break up class as well as giving you time to regroup or prepare.
    2. Another transition strategy I  have observed is one used to go into the lab or transition to projects. The teacher gave the students a list of things to do or gather before they could move on to the lab or project, for example: “go grab goggle, an apron and gloves and when everyone is ready I’ll explain the lab”.
    3. the next transition strategy I have seen is the use of videos, explanations or demos to transition it the next concept. Videos, explanations  or demos that link the previous concepts to the new direction the concepts are going are the best for this strategy.
  3. My Classroom Strategy
    1. I couldn’t decide so I choose to list two, but wanted to list  more. The two strategies that I have observed in the classroom that I would use in my class is both the Bellwork at the beginning of class and the  strategy of breaking up the class by having the students get up to grab assignments or supplies.

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