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Both of the blog posts above deal with engaging with students in a positive way. The first article discusses the importance of personal relationships with students; the second gives tips for developing a classroom culture of laughter in which students are encouraged to take academic risks and the general culture is of support rather than ridicule.

This is a blog dedicated to classroom management tips, whereas the two above fall under “Collaborative Learning” and “Arts Integration” respectively. From printable worksheets to discussions on ethical dilemmas, this blog is a go-to resource for most any situation. It also hosts other blog categories related to content areas, professional development, etc.

The above website brings together resources that can help teachers if they are struggling with classroom management, or want to try new strategies. While some of the titles seem to be aimed at the elementary level primarily, the content is applicable to the secondary level as well.

This video runs a bit long at over 11 minutes, but it is worth the watch. It gives helpful hints specifically for new teachers about strategies to help run an effective classroom. These classroom management tips deal with both behavior and ways to make your teaching sustainable by not overloading yourself with grading, talking, etc.



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