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– This is a quick video about a teacher named Brian Van Dyck, who talks a little bit about his strategy for relating to students by focusing on one positive element of their personality that interests him. By letting them know that this trait interests him and encouraging them to emphasize it, supposedly it discourages more negative behaviors.

– This is an entry on the Panorama Education Blog about a study regarding common interests between teachers and students. In several groups, the teacher and students were given surveys about their hobbies and goals and varying degrees of the commonalities between both parties were shared with each group: In one, the students knew what they had in common with the teacher and the teacher did not, the next group was the reverse, then both, then neither. Unsurprisingly, both of them knowing they had common ground helped, although it seems in the case where only the teacher knew, it resulting in certain students maybe scoring higher, which is a little sketchy.

– A page on the American Psychological Association about positive teacher-student relationships. The information is divided into several tabs that tackle one aspect at a time. There’s a rather interesting one about halfway through devoted to “Theoretical perspectives to explain student behavior’ – about different theories on what motivates certain students to behave in certain ways and how they perceive teachers and their peers.

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