Student-Teacher Relationships

This blog post highlights a study where both teachers and students were asked to fill out the same survey asking questions about their personal interests and preferences. Students and teachers were organized into four groups, group one (control group) was given no feedback on common interests between teacher and students. In group two the students were given a list of five commonalities they had with the teacher, but the teacher did not receive this list. In group three the teacher was provided with a list of five commonalities, but the students did not receive this list. In group four, both students and the teacher received a list of commonalities.

This is a great web resource from the American Psychological Association. I really enjoy looking through the drop down categories, these also provide really nice examples and solutions for a variety of relationships.

This teacher explains the importance of investing in relationships with her students. At one point she says that if she didn’t get to know certain students personally then she wouldn’t have been able to do anything academically for them. She stresses that before being able to focus on academics, the students needed to know that there is consistent discipline and consequences in the classroom, but also that she was there to help them succeed.

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