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I like this video because I think an important part of being an effective teacher is being a professional teacher. Being professional means that you keep a respectful attitude and you can not do that if you belittle or insult your students. If a student is wrong it’s your duty to correct them but it’s easier if you can redirect their answer so they understand why they were wrong and show them how to do it correctly.


I like some parts of this article but I disagree about wanting to be a student’s favorite teacher. I want to be a good teacher and sometimes being a favorite teacher and being a good teacher is not the same thing. I want students to learn and understand the material and it’s more important to me if they understand the information I am providing not if they like me or not. At the same time I do not want to be remembered as a teacher who was mean and cruel just for the sake of being mean and cruel, if anything I want my class to be remembered as a challenge.
Like the other article I am not comfortable about being the most popular teacher at the school, but it’s a nice side effect. At the same I don’t think the teacher’s job is to be rude or cruel to their students as that’s counter productive. I do agree that being able to listen to your students is a good quality.

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