Student Teacher Relationships

This site is one chapter out of the book… Educators Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems by Mark Boynton and Christine Boynton. This is the first chapter in the book and it talks about how to develop a student teacher relationship and how best to avoid bad student teacher relationships. ┬áThis is mainly in regards to when teachers ask questions to students. How should the teacher handle these situations to develop the best student teacher relationship. It also addresses how to discipline students constructively and fairly. This book gives some examples of things to think about or do in regards to disciplining a student correctly without breaking your bond you are trying to develop. Teachers want to show they care about the students individually and they want to eliminate causes for stress and frustration. There is some great examples and advice about how to approach student teacher relationships and how to maintain them.

This blog was talking about a case study that this person did or observed. This study wanted to know if student teacher relationships improve when they share similarities. This study was on a small scale but found positive results. They made both teachers and students take this survey. They then paired up into groups teachers and students. In some groups only the students knew the similarities in another only the teachers knew the similarities and in still another they both knew. Then of course there was the control group in which no one knew anything. They found that when either side knew of a similarity it helped improve at least one side of the relationship if not both sides. When people learn they have the same interests or same commonalities it helps build a relationship. Thats how we get friends or build relationships with family members so why should the relationship between students and teachers be any different. I think this blog was very interesting and i think as teachers we should also fill out the survey and then if everyone is ok with it go over it as a class and see who shares our same interests. This could help build not only good relationships with the teacher and students but student to student as well.

This video gives some good examples and reasons as to why this teacher feels that creating a comfortable learning environment is key in the classroom and to building positive relationships. If you create an environment in which learning is fun, where you are not going to yell or scold students publicly then it creates for a better relationship and a better classroom atmosphere. Students can be extremely sensitive and by getting on their level and paying attention to them, you as the teacher are making their life easier and helping them be more comfortable. When someone is comfortable they feel they can be more open, they can be themselves without worry of judgment and constant criticism. Every student wants to feel safe and by meeting students where they are at, by making the classroom fun students will feel safe enough to contribute, to be engage and to build a positive relationship with their teacher.

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