Blog #4: Positive Teacher/Student Relationships

The first link is an article on teacher/student relationships from the American Psychological association. It goes over the hows and whys of developing a positive relationship and the damage that can be done by a negative one. It includes a list of good dos and don’ts and goes over the long term positive effects (hence psychological) of a good relationship.

The second link is a blog from Panorama Education. The blog is written by Dr. and goes over good introductory activities and how teachers can reflect on students to build additional rapport over time. Most of these traits involve finding common ground with as many students as possible.

The final link is a video provided by The Teaching Channel. The short (1:30) film goes over how teachers need to change for the 21st Century student mindset and engage and emphasize with the students to build positive relationships. Bottom line: passionate teachers engage students more than boring ones!

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