Student -Teacher Relationships


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Keith Hughes offers personal insight into 10 effective classroom management techniques. They’re simple rules, but rookies tend to not apply all these rules their first years of teaching.The rules include: keep rules simple, don’t snitch on students, be ready to act crazy (but not insane), etc.Most importantly, don’t make misbehaviors personal!


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Need professional help ┬áto solve a problem? Don’t know how to manage a classroom? has all the necessary materials for running a classroom! The site hosts multiple posts, from personal experience to preparing learning games. There are multiple topics to choose from, and multiple perspectives to read. It’s useful for solving the most minute of problems.


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The blog provides a simple method of developing positive student-teacher relationships: survey on first day of class. The  study consisted of 315 ninth graders and 25 teachers. Students and teachers who knew their similarities showed positive results in class. In short, learn similarities as soon as possible!

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