Blog 4: Student-Teacher Relationships

  1. Article: H. Richard Milner IV, Harvard Education Letter 27 (1), Jan/Feb 2011.

This article gives five examples on how to connect with your students.  A few of the author’s suggestions we have discussed in class.   His last two suggestions stood out to me and I think they are two very important ones that are often overlooked.   The first being to attend the extracurricular activities of your students, the second is visiting a site in your students’ community. Students appreciate teachers that make an effort to know them outside of a classroom setting.

  1. Blog Post: 8 Ways to Build Positive School Culture Now by Dana Truby

This blog talks about eight ways to build a positive school culture.   Several of the items on her list we have already discussed in class, however the number one item on the list is building strong relationships between the students and teachers/staff.   Other items on her list include being a role model and praising students for good choices, these two acts will also help foster positive student-teacher relationships.

  1. Video: Positive Student Teacher Relationships by Todd Borngesser

This short video may seem a bit cheesy and obvious, but it can serve as a quick reminder of how teachers should treat their students in order to maintain positive student-teacher relationships.