Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

♦Improving Students’ Relationships with Teachers to Provide Essential Supports for Learning
♦ American Psychological Association


This page is well laid out, it has several sections that break down positive student-teacher relationships; including the characteristics of positive relationships, of negative relationships, dos and don’ts, recognizing risk factors for problematic relationships, and tips for improvement. It also has separate sections for references and where further information on the web. The way the information is organized and broken down makes it easy to digest, and it gives some salient advice on creating positive student-teacher relationships.


♦Fostering Relationships in the Classroom
♦ Edutopia – Larry Ferlazzo


This is a short blog with some exercises that can be used not only as icebreakers, but to continue to develop relationships in the classroom. I particularly liked the idea of using the game “Two Truths, and a Lie’ because I’ve seen that in interviews with movie casts (Avengers, Agent Carter, etc.). It could be an activity that students know and enjoy as secondary students better than some other exercises. It is also a good way to gain knowledge about your students and could be repeatable.


♦New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management
♦ TeachingChannel


This video is of a first year teacher, 6th grade middle school classes, struggling a bit with classroom management. I think that is a situation a lot of us are in. There is advice from a veteran teacher, as well as clips of her class from before and after so you can see how the changes improved the class. There is also a list at the end of all the classroom management techniques used effectively in the video. I liked the use of positive narration, and the thoughts about always having something to move on to.

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