The future of Alaska Native education/Blog 3

I like this article because I have seen what has happened to other indigenous cultures that had been forced to adapt to a culture that had some heightened sense of superiority and they have had incredibly damaging results. I think that like in the article that it is essential that Native Alaskan students keep their culture and that their communities have to have a significant say on what their children should be taught in order to preserve their culture. I also understand that there are going to be incredible amounts of difficulties in implementation of any source of education that comes from outside of their communities.

An example that I can think of that is similar to what happening to Native Alaskan communities is the indigenous people of Greenland who had been controlled by the Danish/Norwegians since the 1280s and have suffered through a lot of forced cultural adaptation.  However we can use Greenland as an example of what we could do as Greenland has been starting to make great strides in preserving their indigenous culture and for example has even reverted back to using the original native language  of Greenlandic/Kalaallisut as the official language of the country instead of forcing Danish which they had been doing for centuries and I think that is something that we can learn from.

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