Stress, Pressure and Suicide

I know suicide happens every year but it still amazes me how many students or adults actually go through with the act itself. I can’t imagine being depressed enough to actually go through with suicide. I admit I have my moments of feeling blue and down in the dumps but for someone to feel constantly sad and miserable is heartbreaking.

I can see how stress especially regarding your own performance can lead to depression. I myself want to please my parents and have them feel proud of me and my accomplishments and sometimes I do try and do what they want me to do, however I have to remember that it is ok to be myself. They don’t know the path that I need to be on, but they can certainly give advice and support. I can totally see when people are under pressure to be a certain way and do certain things and they don’t want to fulfill them because of their own wants and needs that they start down the path of thinking death is best.

I think that it is especially sad when it seems to be the parents that drive their students to seek an out for their pain. Parents should be encouraging their child to do their best in whatever they choose to do. Should they give advice if they feel their child is heading down a dangerous path, Yes! Parents should never make their kids feel like failures, or expect them to get straight A’s when they are not fully capable of that all the time.  I can feel the pressure  from the adults in my life and I want to please them and make them proud. I can see where these students are coming from. People need to realize that being the best YOU is all that anyone can ask.

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