Matt Ferguson – Rules

Four rules that I would post in my classroom:

1. Return materials to their appropriate place at the end of class

2. Start cleaning up 5-7 minutes before the bell

3. Be respectful during critique

4. Never attribute artistic ability to innate talent

The fourth rule is mostly a gentle reminder about how I want students think to about their ability to do classwork. A lot of kids tend to labor under the misapprehension that they’re either born with artistic talent or not and they limit themselves by deciding right away that they’re incapable of reaching a particular level of skill. I want to purge this notion from the class atmosphere as quickly as possible.


It’s an article on a website called Education World. It’s written by a clinical psychologist named Dr. Fred Jones who has done a lot of research on effective teaching methods and written a book called Tools for Teaching. He generally seems to promote the practice of laying a lot of groundwork in establishing rules early on to provide a foundation for an orderly classroom throughout the semester. The rest of the website offers articles on various topics and current events in the world of teaching.