Matt Ferguson – Intro


Hi! My name is Matt Ferguson! I’m originally from Tennessee, but I’ve lived in Kenai, Alaska off and on since about 2004. I went to college at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, where I received a BFA in animation in 2012. As a teacher, my goal is to develop an art class where students can learn fundamental skills in design and drawing that will help them in their ongoing artistic development, as well as to help them articulate the essential components of their personal aesthetic and learn respect for artwork and creators coming from cultural backgrounds wholly unlike their own.

My education program will focus heavily on technical drawing skills, drawing from life, basic design principles and compositional techniques, and articulating art criticism. My students will be exposed to the work of many famous historical artists, but they will also be encouraged to seek out artwork that inspires them, both so they can develop their aesthetic sensibilities and so I can learn a little about their interests. I also want to teach them to articulate criticism so they can better understand their thought process toward developing their own work.

I enjoy making comics, and I’m also an avid fan of Japanese monster movies. I’ve actually been watching every Godzilla movie in chronological order over the past couple of weeks (almost halfway through!)