You will obey!

My mentor and I wrote class rules together at the beginning of this year.

Here is a close representation of how we shared them with the class:


Ours fit on the chalkboard a little better.  (Minor point of clarification, I know)

We had three rules: be prepared, respect others and have fun.

I liked those rules and think they would work well.

For my list of classroom rules, I started thinking in Ps.  (I mean not P.S. but multiple words that begin with the letter p).

My list: Be polite. Be prepared. Be punctual. Be positive.

Wordle did not work for me….something about a missing plugin that I could not install…perhaps I have personal issues with Java…

So I created a different word map using Tagul.  It has lots of fun features if you are into the word map thing and would like some variety beyond Wordle.


I also found this great post on Alfie Kohn’s website entitled, “Rethinking Classroom Rules.” I like what he has to say about telling kids what to do.

And as a bonus, a short video about the role of humor in the classroom.  (Ms. Cohen also addresses her take on classroom rules).






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