Intro: Jonny Newman


Hello!  I finally have access to this blog, so I’m catching up with my introduction.  My name is Jonny, and I am currently enrolled in the teaching license program (non-masters).  I did my undergraduate degree at University of Oregon in Biology, and recently received my M.S. in Biology from UAF.  I am currently working under Elizabeth Beks at North Pole High School, teaching Biology and Forensics classes.

I became interested in education during my undergraduate study, where I had professors who were committed to teaching biology through active learning.  I was so struck by the difference between courses that were taught through the traditional lecture/listen method ones with an emphasis on active learning that I began to think about how different my own experience could have been in secondary school.

My hobbies outside of teaching include making music, hiking, biking, skiing, and board games.  During the summers I work as a field biologist for the US Forest Service.  I look forward to making this journey with all the rest of you wonderful teacher people!


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