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Classroom Rules

#1) Respect yourself, classmates, and teacher

#2) Challenge yourself

#3) Participate in class activities and discussions

#4) Come to class prepared

To me the most important rule is number one, because in theory if the student respects themselves everything else will fall into place.   I also hope to challenge students and want to encourage them to challenge themselves.   The last two rules are pretty commonplace, but in my subject areas a lot of time is spent in class/group discussion or work. If the student is unprepared — didn’t do the reading, didn’t bring textbook to class can have a major impact on the direction the lesson will go. The more prepared students are, the more beneficial they will be to themselves and classmates.


ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) helps provide information, educational leadership, and solutions for educators around the world.   If you go to their website,, the ability to search the site for any topic is available to you.   I did a quick search on “classroom management’ and numerous results came up in the form of academic journals, excerpts or complete chapters from books, and videos.   You can become a member and get some exclusive benefits such as access to webinars, but a membership is not necessary to reap the benefits of the resources found on this site.

Wordle of Class Rules

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