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I believe that two of the main keys to having a successful classroom is a well organized and  well focused classroom. In my belief rules should help focus the class and keep the flow of the lesson of going. My rules would include 1) Respect; Respect me and respect each other. 2) Be prepared. 3) Give me 100%. As I am a Social Studies teacher there will be a lot of discussion and lecture so the first rule has to be respect as I want students to listen and not interrupt anyone who has the floor, thus I would hope this would keep the class focused on the lesson and to keep the flow of class going with as few interruptions as possible. Students have to be prepared as they need to be able to keep up with the rest of the class, if they need help they can come see me or ask their fellow students being prepared keeps the flow of class going. Lastly I want my students to give me their all in my classroom as they have all the materials to succeed in my classroom but only if they participate and do the work that I assign them.

The three rules I presented are the rules I want to introduce to my students.. I would provide my three rules to my classroom on the first day of the class but I would also have my students provide more details on the rules so they can become familiar with the procedures that I would use in my class; so during exams or when students can get up to sharpen their pencils or use the restroom they follow the procedures. The reason why I would let them have a voice on the rules is because I believe it gives them more of a connection to the rules and they would have to agree to the rules for the hope that if they help make the rules they would know and have a better understanding.


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