4 Rules for the Classroom


A classroom should be focused on its main goal: for every student to learn as much as possible in a lesson. Like all goals, this involves cooperation, and cooperation requires certain mutual understanding and rules that would foster an environment that students could easily learn and flourish in. My rules as a teacher would be very straightforward to that end, but (as many of us know from classroom experience) this is not always apparent and the rules need to be outlined and explained to the class. I believe that these four rules will increase the students’ respect for one another, their teacher, and their education.


  1. Be respectful of the person speaking at the moment. No yelling, interrupting, or distracting classmates with chatting during the lesson.
  2. No horseplay, running, jumping, or gymnastics in class.
  3. No personal electronics, including mobile phones, in class unless approved by the teacher.
  4. Be on time, and if you are late, enter the classroom quietly.

For more content on rules and procedures, I want to share a resource that I recently discovered: California Services for Technical Services and Trainings’ online training course for rules & procedures for K-5 teachers. There are 5 modules on the website, with pre-tests, lessons, and reviews to learn more about implementing rules and procedures in the classroom. I found this website rather helpful already, and hope that you do too.



And as a bonus, I wanted to post a link to something I, personally find tremendously helpful for a lot of things: teacher videos. This portal has a lot of videos of practical activities on a wide variety of topics. There are videos for teachers to watch for ideas for class activities, as well as clips to share with students as additions to lessons. They even work on my house’s slow internet connection, so I think they work on a slower bandwidths.





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