Intro: Chris Ballek


Hi, my name is Chris Ballek. I’m currently enrolled in the masters of education program at UAF and am student teaching at North Pole High School.


I’m hoping through this course I can learn more about how to me a good classroom manager and not a classroom dictator. I really want to be a teacher that doesn’t impose their authority over their students. I don’t do that now as I’m working in the classroom but I have noticed that with out a good toll set to work with anyone can slip into that behavior.


I was born and raised in the Fairbanks area, specifically I was raised in North Pole and went through the North Pole School system and graduated from North Pole High School.


I graduated in December from UAF with my bachelors in General sciences and now want to get my masters in education with my teaching licence, which I should graduate this May with both.

I have a number of hobbies but all of them either include building things or playing games.


I have coached football at North Pole High and volunteered  with a local Youth Ministry since I graduated from High school in 2003. I worked construction for many years before deciding to go back the school to become a teacher so I can work with kids full-time.