Jessica Reitano- Introduction


Hello my name is Jessica and I am majoring in Art ( my medium is drawing) and minoring in Education.I will be graduating this December after going to college for about 6 years. I am ready to be done. I will be doing my internship starting next fall, if everything goes as planned. I was born and raised in Fairbanks. I love the outdoors such as hiking, camping, biking, canoeing, four wheeling, snowmachining, and fishing( although I don’t eat fish). In high school I was on the swim team and was asked to join the college team but turned them down as I liked swimming, but it was not my life. I have participated with a group on campus called Intervarsity. Intervarsity is a Christian fellowship group. I have been both a student as well as one year I co- led a bible study group on campus in the Lathrop dorm.

Currently at my church I am helping teach/lead the junior high students. There are  7 leaders three of which help lead the girls in discussion. I have been doing this for four years. Junior high students are hilarious and still need lots of guidance just about life in general and I am glad that I can be there to give them an adult ( thats not their parents) to talk to.

For the past four summers I have worked out at Pogo Mine through the contractor ESS. I was one of a few housekeepers out at the mine. There is about 400 people that work out at the mine at any one time and only about 40 of those are women. I was able to get a tour of the underground mine as well as a short tour of the Mill( where they process the gold).Both tours were a once in a lifetime experience, that I am glad I participated in.

IMG_2233( this is inside the Mill )

I feel that this experience has really helped me personally to get out of some of my comfort zones, plus the job required me to work remote for two weeks on and one week off. So I have some experience now being away from any sort of town and locked in ( literally) every night. If I was to ever be placed remotely as a teacher I think I would have a better handle on how to handle or deal with the situation. Although working remotely is not something I would want to do.


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