(Mary) Candace Cieslo.

I was born into a military family and attended 8 schools before I graduated high school.   Upon graduation I was accepted to Georgetown University on a full scholarship. I met my husband, Joe, the first week of school, but remained just friends until years later.   He and I had both joined the Army, independent of each other, and were re-acquainted   at Fort Benning, Georgia.   I served ten years and Joe retired from the Army in 2013 after 21 years of service.When he retired, we took that opportunity to travel around the country for a year.   We have three children and are currently hosting an exchange student from Mexio.(For a total of four children!)

I enjoy traveling to new places all around the world, photography, the outdoors, and learning about other cultures. Mission work is my passion: my next trip with Wasilla Sunrise Rotary is scheduled for February 2016, working with a great group out of Panajachel, Guatemala, called Mayan Families.

I teach in the Business Department at Mat-Su College.   My undergraduate degree is in International Relations.   I earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and am currently seeking a Masters in Secondary Education (distance education courses). I plan to take the Praxis ii in both Spanish and Government.