Welcome to CM 458/658 Fall 2015

c182Welcome to our classroom management class. I am your instructor and would like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Germany, came with a teacher exchange program to the US to Brownsville, TX,   in 1994 and moved to Alaska in 2008.
My areas of expertise are mathematics and science education (physics, geosciences), program evaluation, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and educational technology. I am currently the principal investigator (PI) of two NSF grants. Check out the new GeoSTEM grant. It provides pre-service teacher support and many incentives. You can apply!
I worked as teacher, principal, curriculum specialist in Germany, GB, NZ. My doctoral degree is from the University of Houston. I am married and have two boys (32, 17). My hobbies include digital photography, flying small airplaUte-Kaden-_Oden_Antarcticanes, and travel (I am bi-Polar:)). I am a flight instructor at CAP.
My goal for this class is to guide and inspire so you can make progress toward creating safe and creative learning environments for your students.
Submit class work  timely and in good quality, read,  participate , share _DSC4311your thoughts and ideas on our blog site, and you will be successful.  Papers are graded by content and not by length.
If you like to learn more about me…. Google my name:).
Welcome to our class.

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