Blog 6

Creating a learning environment that is productive and healthy for students should be at the front of every teachers philosophy.  I believe that this learning environment is even more important than the content matter that any of us teach.  Teaching students to be responsible for their actions leads to students being productive members of society that own their own mistakes and cherish their own victories in a heathy manner.  My philosophy starts with the rules of the classroom and the number one rule in my classroom is respect.  Students need to respect all opinions and listen to students and myself whether they agree or disagree with the statements being made.  It is important that students learn how to differentiate from opinions and facts and it is our job as educators to give them the tools to accomplish these decisions on a day to day basis.  Some great ways to teach students how to take responsibility and how to respect each other is to own our own mistakes and humanize yourself in front of the class.  Recently I finished my teacher work sample and without a doubt I came on a little too strong with the lessons.  I combined two labs and this created a lot of confusion for the students.  At the end of the lesson I stood in front of each class and explained what my desired outcome was and how, due to my own mistakes, they were not reached.  Owning our mistakes is a valuable moment in the classroom because the students see us as role models and if we are able to own our shortcomings they will be more likely to do the same.  The biggest thing I have noticed through my time in the classroom is to never expect more from your students then you are willing to give.  You will consistently be disappointed and the students will be consistently frustrated with you.