Blog 6: Philosophy on Creating a Productive Learning Environment

I would say that my philosophy on creating a productive learning environment for students would go back to when we talked about class room rules.  The classroom, especially mine, should be a place where students feel safe and comfortable.  When a student enters my classroom for any reason I feel that it is important for them to feel welcome and respected.  A classroom with these qualities will create an environment in which students will be better focused and willing to learn.  Classroom rules play a part in my classroom management philosophy because they establish what is expected of every person that enters the room.  I believe that if classroom rules are well written and clearly posted then they are most likely to be followed and that allows for people to be productive.  A good atmosphere and a clean, well-organized room also contributes to a productive learning environment.  People respond to positive situations better and it has been proven that people work better when there is clear space in which to work.


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